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Live trade-ins - Boost your
business on the go!

Auctions on the go

Selling a car on the go. No risk, no capital commitment and short standing time. In this scenario CMP is buyer and contact person for you..

No more risk or overpriced trade-ins. While your customer drives his new vehicle for a test drive, you can upload the trade-in to CMP from your mobile and get the actual market value within a short time.



Data acquisition
via FIN input.


Upload condition report
and Vehicle pictures.

Determine supply and demand!

Closed Auctions

Become independent and decide when and to whom you market your vehicles. Invite your dealers to auctions and always have full control over your auction and inventory.


Select auction type
and broadcast the auction live.


Evaluate success.

Discover whats special
about our closed auctions


Discover whats special
about our closed auctions...

Free workshop for the initial training

In our free workshop, you will learn how to use CarMarketplace optimally and thus increase your revenues. Master all tools and create your own marketplace!


Minimum price not reached? - Not with us!

  1. CMP offers them a higher purchase price immediately and binding.
  2. Vehicle can be placed in an open auction and reaches a cross-regional group of buyers.

Knowledge is power! - CMP Analytics

Receive dynamic information about bidding histories and use this information for your daily business.


...stay efficent

Consulting on Boarding

What do you do when a dealer buys a car from you out of town? Do you usually hear from him again? Lost leads are lost "buyers" and therefore missed business opportunities. With our email system you enter each lead and they will automatically receive the offers and can buy from you again. The probability that he will buy a car again is very high. Let us use the potentials for your car dealership!

More time for daily businessPRO


Space problems?

You tell us your minimum price and we can tell you in advance that we can guarantee you this price. We pick up the vehicles before the auction and store them in a monitored and checked warehouse, so that you have space for new vehicles again as soon as possible!

High success rate.

Strong Trade Desk Team, which achieves the optimal result for both buyer and seller. Do you want to learn more? Make an appointment with one of our top salespeople here.

Add vehicles.

A CMP field service employee records the data of your vehicles and takes care of the recording and inspection of your vehicles on site.

The advantage : CMP takes over the full liability and the complaint management, so you can take care of the daily business in a relaxed manner. Afterwards you will receive the evaluation of your stock from us.

Realize every business!

Our system offers you the dealers with the best profiles, even for the closed auctions.

If a vehicle has not reached the desired minimum price, our Seller Desk Team will act as an intermediary. This way you won't miss any business and we work for you like an employee of your company!


Don‘t miss a
single opportunity PRO

Target remarketing

Use our new remarketing feature and always find the right buyer for your vehicles. With targeted remarketing, you always get the best prices for your offers because you can use the buyer's full willingness to pay.

The future
is now!

Transparent & Fair

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Closed Auction


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CSV - Import

Instant purchase

Closed Auction

Open Auction


Take your business to the next level!

CSV - Import

Instant purchase

Closed Auction

Open Auction

Fast Auction

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