CarMarketplace noun

kar • mar • ket • place \ ˈkär-mär-kət-ˌplās \

Definition of CarMarketplace:

1. : CarMarketplace.eu is a cutting edge and affordable solution for digitizing und optimizing the everyday vehicle sales and purchasing processes. Our revolutionary approach on custo- mized auction systems and a broad selection of easy to use tools will bring your company to the next level. Experience the future of car trading! Automotive trade 2.0 - only with CarMarketplace.eu

Young, challenging and innovative

Our Story


An idea takes shape - CarMarketplace gets developed in its first alpha version. And the first employees are hired.



Where it all began - After thorough research and many years of experience in the industry, the goal is to optimize the B2B vehicle trade.


An idea takes shape - CarMarketplace gets developed in its first alpha version. And the first employees are hired.

Young, challenging and innovative

Our Story


We show our face - In our early beta phases, the first traders already use the platform and give us their feedback.


Outbreak! - Despite the difficult conditions due to the COVID-19 virus, we are experiencing steadily growing user numbers and vehicle offers.


Watch out, here we come - All important functions are implemented and adapted to the feedback of the testers. More than 200 dealers are already registered and the first partners are on board.

Our Mission

We at CarMarketplace.eu have made it our business to strengthen the independence of all traders. Therefore we give you the opportunity to work in a location and brands independent environment, without having to deal with opaque price models and high charges to be slain. Even more we offer you the tool to to run your own auctions. This gives you full control over all important parameters such as time, supply and demand. We also offer a high level of support and advice in purchasing, so you can always make the most of every opportunity. With your participation we can all together create new marketplaces and thus give more control over the market back to the traders.

Our Vision

We have already created a powerful toolbox for you and offer you our support, but there is more! Be there right from the beginning and become part of a common vision! With great consideration for the wishes of our users and dealer colleagues, we are constantly developing CarMarketplace. At the same time we are building up a permanent network that will be able to provide a solution for all your business needs in the future and become a central contact point for dealers and service providers to optimise communication and trade channels.

Never Stop,
always evolve!


Never stop, always evolve! - This is the motto of the team behind CarMarketplace. All employees represent the highest level of competence in their respective fields and are constantly developing their skills, even beyond their areas of responsibility. This is how we manage to stay on track in the entire team. In this increasingly digital world, we at CarMarketplace believe that human interaction should not be lost. That's why we are always happy to be there for our customers personally and communicate very closely with our partners to adapt the development of the platform to your needs.


Our management team

Shaheryar Khalid
Chief Technology Officer

S.Khalid has many years of international experience in the management of IT projects and now he coordinates the whole development of CarMarketplace.

Hüseyin Demir
Chief Executive Officer

H.Demir, founder and CEO of CarMarketplace, has been successfully involved in the car business for over 10 years and is now leading the team that wants to revolutionize the trade market.

Adrian Krasniqi
Chief Sales Officer

A.Krasniqi is not only one of our experts in car sales, with more than 7 years of experience in the industry, but is also the charismatic spokesman of our sales department.