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The new way to buy cars, as you have never seen it before!

Use our powerful tool set, help shape the future of the automotive trade industry and become part of a growing community. As a CarMarketplace member, you have the best opportunities to discover new sources of supply and to expand your business with high-quality goods and new contacts.

Sell your trade-ins.

Auctions on the go.

Whether you’re on the way to a meeting or on a coffee break, with CarMarketplace your business never stops! You can easily participate in exclusive auctions and purchase top used cars or offer your vehicles for sale while you are on the go. Secure the advantage and trade first before the normal auctions start. Give your business that extra boost with live trade-ins.


More time for the important things - resale optimized!

Photo package

With our new photo package, you will gain more than just razor-sharp images.You'll gain time! Because even before the vehicle arrives on your property, you have all the relevant vehicle pictures with a clear background and your own company logo right at hand. So you can present your vehicle to your customers in the best possible light immediately after purchase.


More than just auctions

Join our community!

As a member of our growing network, you will benefit from many advantages and extras. You can discover new sources of supply or partner with larger suppliers to participate in their closed auctions and get better purchasing conditions.

Problems with warranty claims?

If you should have warranty issues with your customers, we will Give you legal advice and support. Our team of experts will advise you and give you tips on how to proceed. Therefore you will be able to purchase your vehicles safely via and you won't have to worry about problems after the sale.

Regular events
and dealer council!

Get to know your colleagues, exchange ideas and let us shape the future of the automotive trade together! With us, your opinion counts and you can be sure that your voice will be heard here.

Everything is possible with the right tools

Tool Set

Get to know your future companions in daily business! With our powerful tool set, which is constantly adapted to the wishes of our users, you will always have full control over your business. Master the CarMarketplace tool set and become a digitalize your dealership. Want more than just the right tools? Get in touch with one of our top consultants and find out how we can additionally help you take your business to the next level..

Fast Auctions


Photo Paket




Easy resell


Jump start


CMP Care


We'll give you a clue

Bid Consultant

With our brand new Bid Consultant you are always one step ahead of the competition. Enjoy an insight into the minimum prices of the vehicles you are bidding on. Take advantage of the limited auction time and your newfound knowledge to make the best out of every auction..


The future is now!

Transparent & Fair

Take advanage of all the features and benefits now. Become a member of our network and benefit from our numerous tools and services, bring your business to the next level!


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